Email Lists & Websites



What a gift God has given us in the internet! When Jesus talked about being 'fishers of men', do you wonder if he thought we'd one day be using 'the net' to do just that? The internet and social media give us the means to reach literally millions of people all across the world with the greatest story ever told: the healing love of God in Jesus Christ. The internet and social media are opportunities too good to miss.


Email lists and forums

Email lists and forums assist groups of people to communicate easily on a subject of common interest without the need for everyone on the list to update their address books whenever the group gains or loses members. Emails and replies sent to a list are distributed to all subscribers to that list. Email lists and forums are a great way to keep in touch with what's happening in the LCA. Want to stay connected? Then join an email list or forum.

There are two different types of lists:

eNews lists operate as email newsletters, with only the list moderator able to send messages. LCA eNews lists are administered by the LCA's ICT Committee. To subscribe to one or more lists, click here.

 Discussion forums enable subscribers to a web-based forum to discuss items of interest with other subscribers. Registered users are able to follow and contribute to these discussions. There is only one LCA discussion forum, TableTalk, which is due to be launched within a few weeks.



LCA Website

This website you're visiting right now has a number of aims, including:

  • introducing people to the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) and to what we Lutherans believe
  • helping them to find a church so they can make some friends and find out more about Lutherans if they want to
  • building up and encouraging our members and site visitors in the Christian faith
  • keeping our members informed about what's happening in our church and giving them opportunities to get involved.

Department and Agency Websites

Some of our bigger departments and agencies have their own websites, which you might like to explore sometime:

Children's Websites

Within the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), our Lutheran Media Ministry is using the internet to reach people our congregations could never otherwise hope to find. Their very own website Happyland is a hit with 4-7-year-old children all over the world - and with their parents, too, because Happyland is a safe place for children to play and to learn.

Another children's website, Red Boots, is another way that children can be introduced to the best gift of all at Christmastime.

Congregational Websites

Many of our congregations have their own websites, which they use to keep church and community members in touch. Some of them put sermons and other resources on their websites; these are ideal for people who can't get to worship regularly. When you have a moment, check out LCA congregations with websites.

If you're a member of a congregation thinking about building your own website, this resource might help you: Guidelines for Setting up a Congregational Website.