Lay Workers


It wasn't that long ago that only a handful of Lutheran congregations in Australia and New Zealand employed lay workers. Today, however, there are over 160 lay workers in the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), which is about half the number of ordained pastors serving in parishes - and the number continues to increase.

Our lay workers usually work in team ministries, together with a pastor, in congregations and parishes in a wide range of roles, including: worship/music ministry, outreach and community connections, counselling, family support, children's and youth ministry, small group ministry and spiritual direction. Other lay workers are involved in specialist ministries, such as chaplaincy, welfare services, parish nursing, camping ministry, administrative support and even LCA leadership roles.

Sixty-eight per cent of our lay workers are women. The average age of our lay workers is 44.

The Board for Lay Ministry oversees the ministry of and is responsible for the wellbeing of our lay workers. This includes caring for lay workers personally, assisting their employing bodies to support them locally, liaising with Australian Lutheran College regarding education and training programs, and providing financial support. The board maintains a roll and register of all lay workers in the LCA, advises on salaries and allowances, and administers the Long Service Leave Fund.

The board employs a full-time director and part-time assistant.

The logo for the Board for Lay Ministry symbolises the ministry of lay workers. It features two hands raised in prayer. The hands are in different colours, representing lay workers working hand in hand with pastors in ministry. The cross in the palms of the ministry team's hands emanates from the shape of the church underneath. The curve represents the Holy Spirit moving through the church out into the world.


Are you a lay worker, or want to be a lay worker? Do you employ a lay worker? Or you just want more information about lay ministry? Click here to go to Board for Lay Ministry


Support Us

The LCA Lay Ministry Fund financially supports lay ministry initiatives that will be directed ultimately towards the transformation of people’s lives in Christ.

Your contributions will:

  • encourage God's people to take up specialist vocations for which he has uniquely gifted them
  • help create opportunities for the gospel to be proclaimed
  • aid in the development and equipping of strong Christian lay leaders.

You will also become a partner in this growing and exciting ministry of our church, accepting the commission to 'go and make disciples' wherever they may be found.

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