Professional Standards Department




Demonstrating God’s love for us, by the way we behave towards one another, is central to life in our church.

It is important that we clearly articulate the standard of behaviour we expect from one another, not using vague language, but in useful practical terms. So we have developed specific standards of ethical behaviour for the LCA. These standards are applicable to all aspects of the life of the church. They relate to:

  1. Our personal behaviour
  2. Our pastoral care
  3. Caring for children
  4. Our communications
  5. Financial and administrative matters.

See also LCA Standards of Ethical Behaviour

Professional Standards is a department of the Executive Office of the Church, under the Office of the LCA Bishop. It is one of five departments exercising the 'enabling' functions outlined in our LCA Strategic Direction 2015-2018.

How we serve

The Professional Standards Department protects people, while supporting the LCA’s church workers and volunteers.

We assist congregations and other bodies:

  • To implement the required ethical standards by providing comprehensive training programs
  • By following up, after training workshops, to provide advice and assistance
  • To improve their management of risks associated with ethical issues
  • With some types of complaints
  • By working with other departments to ensure efficient administration and recordkeeping

We often assist people in dealing with some very difficult and complex situations; great courage can be required to address them.

We promote the gospel message of forgiveness, together with reconciliation of relationships, and resolution of issues based on sound scriptural guidelines. However, this message of forgiveness does not remove the need to take actions that are necessary to protect our vulnerable people.

Please keep in mind that the need to demonstrate God’s love is the foundation of all of our advice and assistance. Together with the other areas of the church, we are aiming to bring love to life.

Worshops and Training

Professional Standards workshops and training are conducted regularly across Australia and New Zealand. Click here to see the schedule and to register.

Contact us


Tim Ross
phone 08 8267 7351
fax 08 8267 7310

District Professional Standards Officers

SA/NT District

Dave Biar

Queensland District
Elizabeth Kloeden

Vic/Tas District
Wayne Lentsment

NSW District
Carolyn Kiss

WA District
Monika Tropiano

New Zealand
Jill Hagen