Finance & Administration



When we think of God's gifted people, our minds often jump quickly to pastors, evangelists, missionaries and teachers. But how would people like these ever be able to function in their mission and ministry roles if they weren't being supported by a hard-working and equally gifted pit crew?

In the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) we value greatly those who work behind the scenes, undergirding the work of our people involved directly in mission and ministry. Without them, the supply lines for our front lines of mission and ministry would quickly dry up. So in that sense our finance and administration personnel are just as much part of our mission and ministry teams as our pastors, lay workers and teachers.

Heading up our finance and administration team is Debbie Venz,
LCA Business Manager:
Phone: 08 8267 7300

In this section of our website you'll discover the important ways in which our finance and administration teams support and protect our church's work through sound financial and resource management practices,
care for our staff, and ensure that all the parts of our church are working smoothly and efficiently: