Overseas Mission


Board for Mission

The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) has developed extensive overseas missions and strong partnerships in several countries, especially in South-East Asia. This rapidly expanding ministry of the church is overseen by the Board for Mission.

Our mission statement

The Board for Mission exists to assist the LCA in fulfilling Christ’s mission command to ‘go and make disciples of all peoples’.

Our vision

We see a church whose members will be witnesses for Christ locally, nationally, regionally and throughout the world (Acts 1:8). We see a church where the joy of partnering one another in the gospel is evident (Phil 1:3-6).

Our mission

Our mission is to equip, encourage, engage in and support the growth of holistic ministry carried out in relationship with our partners overseas and the individuals, congregations and districts of the Lutheran LCA and Lutheran Church of New Zealand (LCNZ).

Guiding principles

  • We serve in a way that reflects our commitment to the teachings and confessions of the LCA.
  • We work in partnership.
  • We work for holistic ministry.
  • We respect and encourage the Christian’s vocation.
  • We make good use of God's gifts.

Priority groups

The Board for Mission will focus on programs that enhance the capacity of our partners in Australia and overseas to carry out holistic ministry, with a particular emphasis on working with all parts of the LCA to create a culture of mission in our church.

Modes of operation

  • through partner churches overseas
  • through and with other Lutheran overseas partners
  • partnering/accompaniment
  • facilitative capacity building
  • consultancy
  • collaborative partnerships
  • graduated empowerment

Overseas Partnerships

The LCA has long-standing established partnerships with churches in:

  • Indonesia – the LCA works with and through the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) National Committee Indonesia which consists of twelve Indonesian Lutheran churches. Significant relationships have been formed over many years with six of these churches: Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP), Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia (GKPI), Gereja Kristen Luteri Indonesia (GKLI), Gereja Kristen Protestan Simalungun (GKPS), Gereja Kristen Protestan Angkola (GKPA) and Huria Kristen Indonesia (HKI)
  • Malaysia – Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore (LCMS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia (ELCT)
  • Papua New Guinea – Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG)
  • Sabah (East Malaysia) – Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM)
  • Singapore – Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS)
  • Thailand – Evangelical Lutheran Church of Thailand (ELCT).

Through these partnerships the LCA also participates in ministry and mission in countries beyond the borders of our partner churches as they engage in mission with their near neighbours. This is evidenced particularly through extension work in China and Cambodia.

The LCA participates in mission and ministry with our overseas partner churches by supporting them in the following ways:

  • scholarships (long- and short-term) both in-country and overseas (in Australia)
  • outreach support
  • seminaries
  • translation of Christian literature
  • lay training and education
  • youth programs
  • homes and orphanages
  • Nommensen University, Indonesia
  • missionary and evangelists in Thailand
  • missionary in Papua New Guinea - Evangelism Department projects in PNG
  • Lutheran Education Department in PNG
  • scholarships for the children of pastors in PNG
  • training of pastors at Martin Luther Seminary, Ogelbeng Seminary and Logaweng Seminary in PNG
  • publication of Christian literature into Pidgin (ELCPNG) and ChineseMedical supplies (ELCPNG)
  • building and construction supervisor in PNG through Lutheran Overseas Partner Churches
  • research Assistant at Melanesian Institute Goroka, PNG
  • volunteers serving for short and medium terms.

Join us!

Opportunities exist for individuals, congregations and schools to partner in prayer, personal, practical and financial ways in these mission partnerships through:

  • prayer
  • volunteering program - practical support and English teaching
  • personal interaction through exchange visits and teams
  • sponsorship of missionaries
  • sponsorship of scholarship recipients
  • targeted financial support for programs and projects
  • targeted financial support for orphanages, homes for disadvantaged people, training institutions, or holistic programs
  • sponsorship of international visitors/teachers/students to your church or school community
  • regular Electronic Giving (REG) through the LLL for Board for Mission
  • legacies and bequests.

Contact us

  • 197 Archer Street, North Adelaide SA 5006
  • phone 08 8267 7334
  • fax 08 8267 7330
  • email bfm@lca.org.au