Communication & Engagement



You know what? We Lutherans don't have the best or the newest or the smartest communication technology there is. We never will. It's not a major priority for us. That's because we think, when it comes to communication, not even the very best technology there is can replace human contact, interaction and connection.

We take our cue from Jesus himself, who came down from heaven to be with us and to walk by our side. He knew that, when it comes to really connecting with people, trying to communicate from a distance just doesn't cut it. So building communities of believers and worshipping regularly is very important to us, as is connecting with people in caring face-to-face conversations.

But that's not to say we're not making use of God's great gifts of information and communication technology. As you'll see in the pages in this section, we're all over the world with our message that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of all. That's not a message to be hidden under a bush; we want to proclaim it loudly and clearly, and so we are using whatever modern means available to us to do that.

No matter what new technology we use, though, we'll always have at the centre of our communications the heart of God who reaches out with love and grace to every person in their need.

Here's some ways we're using communication technology to make connections: