LCA Logo



The logo

The cross
reminds us that Christ is the centre of the church. The style of the cross suggests that the church is moving forward and outwards. The cross is breaking out beyond the circle; the church's mission is to take the gospel to all people. The cross is gold because Jesus is our king and our greatest treasure.

The Southern Cross
shows that the Lutheran church belongs in Australasia. It acknowledges God as creator.

The red flames
represent the power and effect of the Holy Spirit, who creates faith in Jesus and calls us to serve him and point others to him. The three flames form one flame - a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

The circle
represents our unity in Christ and reminds us that God is eternal.


The tagline

Our tagline, Where Love Comes to Life, reflects the heart and soul of our mission. In every district and department of the Lutheran Church of Australia, in every congregation and school, in every Australian and New Zealander who identifies as Lutheran, we want to be the place where love comes to life. In other words, we want people to see the love, grace, forgiveness and compassion of Jesus Christ coming to them through every place and every person in our church.


Use of LCA logo

The LCA logo may be used for signage and publications (print, digital and online) of LCA districts and agencies, including departments, boards, councils, congregations, schools and aged-care facilities. LCA districts and agencies do not require authorisation to use the logo if it is to be used in one of the forms appearing below.

Authorisation must be obtained if

  • the person or group wishes to change the logo in any way (eg separation of the elements, colour change), which may be possible in some circumstances; and/or
  • the logo is to be used by a person or group that is not an LCA agency.

For authorisation to use the logo, and for alternative sizes and file formats, contact Linda Macqueen, LCA Communications Coordinator - Operations.


Style Guide for use of LCA logo

The Style Guide will be added shortly. Please check here again soon. In the meantime, contact LCA Communications Coordinator - Operations Linda Macqueen if you have any questions regarding the use of the logo.



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