LCA Standards of Ethical Behaviour


As Christians, we know and proclaim that God loves all human beings. Responding to that love in how we behave towards one another, is an important part of that message. As Jesus says in John 13:35, 'If you love each other, everyone will know that you are my disciples'.

It is important, therefore, that we clearly articulate the standard of behaviour we expect from one another, not using vague language, but in useful and practical terms.

The General Church Council has approved specific standards of ethical behaviour for the Lutheran Church in both Australia and New Zealand. Underpinned by scripture and church policy, these standards are applicable to all aspects of the life of the church. They relate to:

  1. Our personal behaviour
  2. Our pastoral care
  3. Caring for children
  4. Our communications
  5. Financial and administrative matters.


This brochure summarises these standards.

We have also prepared an introductory video to the Standards of Ethical Behaviour. Click to view





The Professional Standards Department has prepared a workshop and training model to help congregations to fully understand the Standards of Ethical Behaviour. Workshops and training will be conducted across Australia and New Zealand.

For further information please contact the LCA Professional Standards Officer in your District. You can find their details on our Professional Standards homepage.