LCA Transfer Fund


Pastors, so you have accepted a call … 
This is how the LCA assists you and your family move to your new home.

Procedures for transfer of pastors

  1. Monies from the LCA Transfer and Support Fund ('the Fund') will be used to cover transfer costs (as
    defined below) for
    (a)     a newly-ordained pastor of the Church who is entering his first charge in the Church
    (b)     a pastor of the Church who is transferring from one charge in the Church to another
    (c)     a pastor who moves from a school/college to a parish, or
    (d)     a pastor who, not having been a member of the Church has been received into the ministry of the Church and is entering his first charge in the Church.

  2. Monies from the Fund will not be used to cover transfer costs for
    (a)     a pastor who moves from a parish to schools/colleges as these are the responsibility of schools/colleges; and
    (b)     a pastor who moves to and from a seconded position outside of the Church.

  3. The Fund will cover the cost of
    (a)     travel costs for the pastor and his family and the cost of relocating household goods and personal effects necessary for living
    (b)     the transfer of a widow and family of a pastor who dies while in active service of the Church, their household goods and personal effects necessary for living.

  4. The LCA Provident Fund will cover the costs of pastors moving to their final family home on retirement, using the same definitions and formulas.

The following provisions shall apply to all pastor transfers, unless otherwise provided for in these rules or otherwise determined in particular cases by the General Church Council.

1. The pastor shall obtain a quote for the cost of removal from the preferred supplier as advised by the Church. The determination of the quote to be accepted shall be made by the Office of the Bishop.

The current preferred supplier is Grace Removals. Others may be added to this list from time to time. Grace Removals have set up a portal to assist LCA pastors to activate a removal request. To initiate the use of the Grace Removals portal, please email or a request for a login. This login is a 'lifetime' access point and will be used for all future moves.

Once a request has been activated you will receive an email from Grace Removals with the details included. Logon to the Grace portal and provide the details of your shift. You will need to provide:

- your current address
- when you want to move
- when you need to be at your new residence
- the address of your new residence.

Please note that December is peak time for removals and you may not be guaranteed your dates of choice. Other times of the year may have peaks where preferred dates are not available.

NOTE: The preferred supplier may also be used to activate moves for non-pastoral staff. The costs of this are not borne by the Fund and specific prior budget approval is required from the employer.

If the pastor has a requirement to use another supplier, then quotes from three companies must be obtained and forwarded to the LCA Business Office for approval and selection.

2. The travelling expenses of a pastor and family shall be borne by the Fund in the following manner:

(a)   If not travelling by private car, economy fares shall be paid.
(b)   If travelling by car, payment at the current rate per kilometre laid down in the Schedule of Salaries, the distance being reckoned by the shortest practicable route.
(c)   Reasonable additional expenses incurred for living costs and accommodation during a long-distance transfer shall be paid at the discretion of the Office of the Bishop, upon submission of a statement of expenses.

Please claim these expenses using the LCA Expense Claim Form and forwarding to the LCA Business Office either by mail to 197 Archer St, North Adelaide SA 5006, or email to  Please ensure any GST Tax invoices or receipts are attached. Please note that all reimbursements will be paid by electronic bank transfer, so please ensure your bank account is included.

3. The costs of travelling and removal shall be payable for transfer from the place of residence of the vacated charge to the place of residence of the next charge.

4. There shall be a cap on the value of household goods covered by transit insurance through this Fund, with the amount set by the Commission on Salaries every three years and changed annually in line with the generic CPI figure in the interim years.

The transit insurance will be arranged through the LCA Insurance Fund, using this form. This needs to be completed by the Pastor or staff member and forwarded to the LCA Business Office for approval and payment or

The current cap on the value of household goods is $110,000. Where household goods are valued at more than the limit, the additional costs are the responsibility of the pastor.

Claims as a result of the removal should be directed to Graeme Tscharke at LCA Insurance Fund as soon as you are aware of the damage or loss.

5. At the discretion of the Office of the Bishop, travel costs to be paid for the relocation of a second car when a pastor relocates to a new position within the Church. This does not apply to newly ordained or new to the ministry pastors.

6. When a pastor transferring to or from New Zealand does not transport a motor vehicle as part of his personal belongings, the Fund shall compensate the pastor with a lump-sum payment, the amount of which is to be set from time to time by the Commission on Salaries. Please contact the LCA Business Office for details of this allowance.