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Lutherans For Life (LFL) was established by the Lutheran Church of Australia at its General Convention of Synod in Adelaide in 1987. It is accountable to the LCA through the Commission on Social and Bioethical Questions. A national council supports and oversees the work, while a number of regional branches operate at the local level.

The objectives of LFL are:

  • To promote respect and protection for human life, born and unborn, since God is its Creator
  • To foster community responsibility for the defence of God's gift of human life, especially those whose life others would categorise as unwanted, lacking quality, worthless or otherwise dispensable.

LFL co-operates with those persons and organisations who share its aims and values.

Life News

Life News is the newsletter of LFL.

It is published every quarter.

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Our logo

God's gift of human life is shown in the central figure, which symbolises a mother with unborn child. The human embryo and the human cell (zygote) are living and developing members of the human family.

The heart shape within the the logo represents the love, care and protection that every human life - no matter what age - needs.

The circular theme symbolises the importance of family and community, and also that life is part of eternity. 

The circle is enveloped by the protective shadow of the cross of Christ, which points to the saving act of God, through which people become members of his spiritual family.

It is as we live under the cross that we learn about the sanctity of all human life, created and redeemed by God. 


LFL in action

  • LFL supporters believe that human life begins at conception and seek to promote this understanding. We seek to gain public support for the protection of human life. Thus LFL supports those pregnancy-support service centres which do not refer women for abortion but provide them with positive help during and after their pregnancy.
  • LFL prepares suitable educational materials dealing with contemporary life and death issues, provides speakers, and organises seminars and workshops with the purpose of creating and/or maintaining a deep appreciation of God's gift of human life, along with the community's responsibility for the ongoing care and protection of human life.
  • LFL cooperates with those persons and organisations who share our aims and values

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LFL is dependent for funding from donations, sponsorships, bequests and fundraising projects. It is not funded from the general budget of the LCA.

Donations can be made online by clicking on the link on the right.

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