Ministry with the Ageing


Our Vision

Our Vision is to see God’s love in Christ coming to life in people through care for the ageing as a significant and flourishing ministry of the church.

Committee for Ministry with the Ageing

The Committee for Ministry with the Ageing (CMA) - formerly Board for Lutheran Aged Care Australia - is a committee of the LCA Board for Local Mission. It acts as an advisory body whose main aims are to:

  • Provide advice, act as a point of reference, monitor, and report to the LCA Board for Local Mission on ministry with the ageing issues
  • Facilitate communication with all Lutheran agencies to generate awareness and active engagement in ministry with the ageing
  • Represent the views of the Lutheran Church of Australia, including Lutheran aged care organisations, to government on ageing-related issues, and communicate with government on their behalf

To that end, CMA develops policies, proposals and opportunities for ministry with the ageing in congregations and Lutheran aged-care facilities, which provides benefits in pastoral care, staff training and recruitment, and the general sharing and networking of resources at the national level and from a national perspective.

In addition, CMA provides opportunities for Lutheran facilities and services to be part of the aged-care discussion at the national level. Lutheran facilities and services represents a significant proportion of the aged-care sector and are thus able to join with other organisations to lobby governments for changes in legislation that will determine a more positive future for the elderly. CMA has two representatives on the National Aged Care Alliance, which is a representative body of peak national organisations in aged care, including consumer groups, providers, unions and health professionals.


In 2012 a scholarship scheme was established for all pastoral carers working in Lutheran aged-care facilities was established. It was for those people already ministering in this specialised area of pastoral care, those wishing to enter it and those wanting to undertake research or create innovative resources. Since the scheme was established, we have broadened the criteria for eligibility and invite all those involved in ministry with the ageing to apply for funding that will support them in their training and in resourcing their ministry.

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You'll find many helpful resources on our Aged Care Resources page, including:

  • Ministry with Seniors, a valuable resource for anyone caring for seniors
  • Guidlines for Building a Retirement Village
  • Conference papers
  • Newsletters

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Committee for Ministry with the Ageing

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