Renewing Churches


A renewed congregation is a congregation of renewed people. Changing structures and programs is a waste of time if the life of each of us, individually, is not also being revitalised by the Spirit’s work.

Renewing the church and renewing individuals go hand in hand. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Journey with us on a five-week season of renewing local mission in your congregation, school or community setting.

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View or download the introductory video (44MB).

Overview of series

Renew Mission Life is a five-week season of renewing local mission.

The sermons and bible study series are entitled Where Love Comes To Life.

The big idea for the series is: Mission life flows out of who God is and who we are becoming.

An explanation of the big idea is:
A missional life participates in the shared life of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a consequence, we are transformed to be a community where God's love comes to life. The same love that transforms us is drawing our families, neighbours and friends into new life in Christ; thus we are compelled to include and invite all people to belong to God's family.

The purpose of the series is: To help people grow in their understanding and participation in the mission of God in the world.

Series Outline

Over five weeks, discover why a missional life is where love comes to life.

  1. Where Love Comes to Life - introduction to the series
  2. Where Loves Comes…
  3. …Love Comes to…
  4. …Comes to Life
  5. Love. Life Communities

Mission Life Season Package

  • Renew Love. Life Communities bible study series – an eight-week Bible study designed to form Missional Communities in your congregation


Launching Love. Life Communities

Love. Life Communities are a new kind of small group in your congregation doing evangelism in the local community, schools and other places.

The final resource provided is the Renew Love. Life Communities eight-week Bible study designed to form Missional Communities in your congregation. (You can download your copy using the link above). A Missional Community, or what we are calling Love. Life Communities, is different from a Mission Committee. A Mission Committee is designed to support missionaries (usually overseas) through raising awareness, prayer and financial support. A local congregational Missional Community on the other hand is a mission team working in the local community and social networks to sow the gospel, reap the harvest and engage new converts in the initial stages of discipleship.


You are able to download the Renew Mission Life package of resources and commence preparing.

It is suggested that you designate five weeks post Pentecost for the RENEW Mission Life sermon series and Bible studies. Two weeks after the season is completed commence the next stage of your local mission development by starting your first Love. Life Community. This is a new team (community of practice) working in the evangelism space of your congregation. They will become pivotal to sowing and reaping the harvest God wants to send you. The Renew Mission Life sermon series is an essential pre-requisite to commencing a Love. Life Community as it is a series designed to bring understanding of how to support those members of the congregation working in local mission.


It is ideal to recruit at least a host and a leader for your first Love. Life Mission Community - prior to commencing the Renew Mission Life sermon series - so that they can assist in promotions and preparation of the launch of the Love. Life Community. This may not be possible, however, as it may take going through the Renew Mission Life series to inspire some suitable people to sense the call into the missional space.

Induction for your Love. Life Community leaders will be provided by Dean Eaton to help leaders know how to prepare for, promote and recruit people to be a part of one or more Love. Life Communities in your congregation. Leaders will be encouraged to always work in a collaborative manner and in an accountability relationship with their pastor.

Please commence praying and thinking about the right leader for such a team. Possibly the right person won’t be gifted as an evangelist but they will be a gifted leader with a passion and calling to local mission. You will need to release them and all of the people joining a Love. Life Community, from responsibilities in the ‘church space’, otherwise they won’t have the energy margin in their lives for engaging with people who are not yet Christians. If a vital leader or worker in your congregation has to resign from duties in the ‘church space’ to join a Love. Life Community don’t be alarmed, trust God to provide the workers you need to keep congregational life healthy. It may also mean that you decide to stop doing some things that are not bearing fruit in order to launch Love. Life Communities.


It is suggested that you commence playing the series of promotional videos for your coming Mission Life season. It is recommended that a flyer explaining what it’s all about is handed out and displayed in your digital spaces (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, church website) as well as distributed in printed format for a few weeks in a row on Sundays.


Someone needs to take responsibility for promotions, ensuring that all promotional material is distributed on time and that the videos can be played at the appropriate time during Sunday worship as per the suggested schedule.

Pastors will need to prepare sermons utilising (and adapting) the sermons and sermon PowerPoints provided. Please note if you change the sermon content substantially then you will also need to change the provided PowerPoints and weekly Bible studies.


Without a call to prayer during this important season you may miss some of the God surprises coming your way. It is suggested that the entire congregation be requested to increase their prayer during this season with a specifically local focus. 'Lord who are you drawing into your kingdom among our families, friends, neighbours, and how can we meaningfully participate in what you are doing?'

The Mission Life: Where Love Comes to Life Bible studies include suggested prayers throughout the Mission Life season.