Sunday by Sunday (LCA Worship Resources)




to the LCA Worship Resources (LWR) (revised edition 2002) for the Revised Common Lectionary. These resources have been produced by the Commission on Worship of the Lutheran Church of Australia and funded by the Lutheran Laypeople's League.

A look at the Contents (in the Read Me folder) will give you an idea of the scope of the material provided. There are general seasonal suggestions, as well as resources for each Sunday and festival. What's more, these resources may be freely copied by congregations for non-commercial worship purposes. A bonus is an appendix of extras, including a revised index of the All Together songbooks and a biblical index for the Revised Common Lectionary.

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a - Read Me [open index]

b - General & Seasonal [open index]

c - Rites & Services [open index]

d - Year A - Advent to Epiphany [open index]

e - Year A - Lent to Trinity [open index]

f - Year A - After Pentecost [open index]

g - Year B - Advent to Epiphany [open index]

h - Year B - Lent to Trinity [open index]

i - Year B - After Pentecost [open index]

j - Year C - Advent to Epiphany [open index]

k - Year C - Lent to Trinity [open index]

l - Year C - After Pentecost [open index]

m - Minor Festivals and Other Days [open index]

n - Modernised LH Hymns [open index]

o - Appendix [open index]