Volunteer Opportunities


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Committee for New and Renewing Churches

The Office of the Bishop, on behalf of the General Church Council, is inviting nominations from people who may be interested in serving on the Committee for New and Renewing Churches. This is a committee of the Board for Local Mission who will provide support and advice on New and Renewing Churches within the LCA and act as a reference group to the Church Planting Mentor and Mission Facilitator. The committee will meet at least three times a year. Costs associated with travel to committee meetings will be covered by the LCA.

We are looking for a wide range of skills and experience, namely:

  • One pastor currently serving in a local congregation
  • Two members with expertise in diverse models of mission in new and established contexts
  • Three members who are practitioners in local mission in new and/or existing mission fields
  • One member with experience in strategic planning and/or organisational management.

The committee membership will be skills based with reference to gender balance, age and geographical location.

We believe that God has blessed our Church with many talented people who have the ability to make an effective contribution to the life and work of the LCA. Yours might be the finger that taps a sister or brother on the shoulder with 'There's a great opportunity to serve the church; I thought it might suit you'.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact LCA Executive Officer–Local Mission, Tania Nelson: tania.nelson@lca.org.au.

Nominations for the Committee will close on Friday, 24 February 2017.


Are you a professional or serious amateur photographer? Do you want to use your photography gifts and skills to serve God and his church? LCA Communications is developing a talent bank of photographers to cover events, and to create a stock library of excellent photos for all of us to use copyright-free.

Interested? Email or ftp to Linda Macqueen, LCA Communications (linda.macqueen@lca.org.au) no more than six original photos that demonstrate your ability and photographic interests. Ideally, you'll send some photos that could form part of our stock library, eg people at worship or prayer, church gatherings or functions, sacraments, people portraits. Low resolution is okay, even desirable, provided you understand that we will ultimately need high-resolution images for our print applications. We do ask you not to photograph children without their parent's or guardian's permission. Please also provide your contact details.

If selected to join our volunteer photographic team, you'll need to sign a release form that gives us permission to use your images; you can retain the copyright though. I'm looking forward to seeing the excellent images coming my way!

Volunteers in Mission Overseas

LCA International Mission is always seeking volunteers for work with our overseas partner churches. There are all sorts of opportunities for people with all sorts of skills. Take a look at the LCA International Mission website for videos and stories about short-term and long-term volunteering opportunities in South-East Asia.

Humanitarian Roster - Lutheran World Service

Lutheran World Federation Department for World Service (LWF/DWS) seeks expressions of interest from suitably qualified people to be on the DWS Emergency Roster. The roster comprises 24 experienced people located in different regions of the world who are easily available to be called on by DWS in humanitarian crises. For further information, please contact alws@alws.org.au, or to send your expression of interest, please contact Emilie.Della_Corte@lutheranworld.org