Worship Service DVDs


Lutheran Media Ministry, in conjunction with the Commission on Worship, produces DVDs of worship services for use by congregations without pastors.

Every week a Lutheran worship service is filmed, edited and burnt onto DVDs. While the LCA DVD Worship Service resource has been designed for congregations without pastors, it also serves individuals who are not able to attend worship or in pastoral care situations. The DVDs can also be used by lay readers where this kind of extra support is needed.

Viewers can watch either the whole service or only selected parts. Single elements such as the sermon can be selected from the DVD, or perhaps the hymns to give a foundation for singing by the local gathering.

Lay readers should be aware that the services are for the previous week – at least for the first three years of this project – until recordings are built up covering the three-year lectionary.

High-quality filming equipment has been installed in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Toowoomba, and St Michael’s Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, where the services will be recorded.

The DVDs are available free of charge, although donations in support of the project are gratefully received.

To receive a regular copy of the LCA DVD Worship Service, phone Lutheran Media Ministry FREECALL 1800 353 350 or email luthmedia@lca.org.a